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We Measure Learner Efficacy Holistically

At Lumin – We belive in a 360-degree view of learner efficacy

Comprehensive Assessment: Assessing the application of AI knowledge to real-world circumstances is part of holistic evaluation. It entails a thorough assessment of a learner's progress in the field.

Adaptive Learning: Holistic assessment enables adaptive learning by taking into account the individual learner's progress, strengths, and areas for growth. It enables trainers to personalize training experiences to each learner's particular needs, maximizing programme effectiveness.

Real-World Applicability: When learners can use their knowledge successfully in their job, corporate AI training is most valuable. A comprehensive approach guarantees that training programmes address real-world difficulties and that learners may show their competency in real-world scenarios.

Long-Term Effect: Holistic measurement includes the long-term influence of training in addition to immediate outcomes. It evaluates how learners continue to progress, contribute to their organizations, and stay current in the changing field of artificial intelligence.

Constant Improvement: Lumin team continuously reviews its training programs by identifying the strengths and limitations of its learners and the training curriculum Lumin also modifies its curriculum time to time based on the feedback received during its training program

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